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Accessory components / options dosing furnace Thermdos




MR - minimized residual swamp - Reduction of return material when cleaning
Porous plug technology - Improvment of density of the melt index



profibus Profinet Profibus / Profibus / Profinet standardized interfaces




TD2450 gekippt von hinten

TD2450 gekippt von vorn


Special lifting - tilting - devices | lifting - tilting and moving the furnace for maintenance works

steigrohr 250px h zufuehrungsrinne 250px h schwenkrinne 250px h

Flat sealing riser tube

Feeding launder supervised by sensor

Swivelling launder


heissluftgeblaese 600px
Hot air blower
















Industry 4.0
Networking Thermdos dosing control - Provision of data records - remote maintanance - measuring energy consumption (current and air)



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