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How to find us in Bottendorf

Reaching from Autobahn A71:

On the A71 of the south or the north go here coming, exit to Artern on which L1172 go in the direction of Roßleben by Kalbsrieht, behind Kalbsrieth turn on the right on the L1218, in Schönewerda turn on the left on the Bottendorfer Strasse in the direction of Roßleben, then go further straight ahead on the L1214, in Bottendorf on the Schönewerdarer Strasse straight ahead, turn right in Kesselstrasse, then turn left in the Roßlebener Strasse, turn left in the Windmühlenberg, further straight ahead and then turn on the right into the country lane, after approx. 100 m the entrance is on the right to the manufacturing site and on the left the parking bay.

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