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repairs – service – modifications – maintenance – spare parts –  training

bild dl1 webFoundry4 Thermdos GmbH repairs and overhaules very successful dosing and low pressure  furnaces. The basis is the existing know-how and proven technical skills at a high level of quality.

Foundry4 Thermdos GmbH has a team of highly qualified and experienced service technicians with years of experience in the required range.

We are happy to advise our customers in detail about the impact, opportunities, process engineering optimization potential on repair, maintenance and services as follows:

  • Repair of refractories
  • Complete new linings
  • Repair of electrical components
  • Troubleshooting ( also on furnaces of other manufactures )
  • Maintenance agreements ( at fixed intervals )
  • Trainings
  • Supply of wear- and spare parts

bild dl2 webYou have dosing furnaces in operation, which slowly get on in years?

The control system can not be repaired, replacemewnt controllers are no longer available, the state of the dosing is completely outdated? We offer you an update that brings your dosing furnace equpment on the cutting edge of technology.

Your advantages:

  • Improving of dosing accuracy
  • Cycle time optimization - reducing the overall cycle time of the casting cell
  • Operation is user-friendly and designed to be easy
  • components correspond to the latest state of the art
  • Spare parts are available immediately and in the long term

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